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About Us


Uptempo Agency specializes in Web Design for local businesses (such as plastic surgeons and medical spas) and organizations (fed government and local organizations). We utilize the latest and proven web technologies and trends in web design in order to maximize your return on the money spent designing the site and your marketing activities both offline and online that point your customer to your website.

  • We create lead generating websites out of the box that work for you every day to bring you calls and new leads. We implement customized “tripwires” throughout the site that capture clients’ data so you can follow up manually or using an automated follow-up system with email sequences.
  • Our sites are mobile optimized out of the box, fast-loading, and easy to navigate.
  • Our sites are protected from hackers, malicious codes and unauthorized use.
  • Websites are built with a default SEO-optimization so there is no need to spend additional time and money optimizing images, copy, structure and other areas.
  • The site we deliver to you can be easily updated via the backend editor by anyone in your office saving time and money on outsourcing the updates.
  • Many more features are available such as adding lead generation tools to your existing website, stand alone lead pages and mini-sites.


The second field in which we excel is Local SEO. Google has recently narrowed down its local search results from the old 7-pack to the new 3-pack and additionally pushed many other changes that now make it much harder for a local business to stay visible in Google. Many local business were instantly cut off from their primary source of phone calls and clients! Local businesses that provide services in their location are highly likely to get more business if they are visible in the Google’s local 3-pack with the keyword search terms that describe their business or service (examples: Dermatologist New York, Medical Spa Boston, etc.). Therefore, it’s important that the company’s website and all of its online business listings and citations are optimized in such a way to allow the business to be visible through the Google Local Search feature in the 3-pack and in Google Maps. If you are still not sure why it’s so important to be in the 3-pack, here is a hard fact: In mobile search results, if you are not in the 3-pack (above fold of the mobile screen), you are literally non-existent for a mobile user. We provide the following services to achieve the goal of being visible in the 3-pack:

  • 12-point On-Page optimization (optimization tweaks and edits done on your website)
  • 6-point Google Business Profile Optimization (getting you listed properly on Google)
  • Webmaster Tools setup in Google (taking care of Google’s suggestions to improve your site’s visibility)
  • Local Schema Optimization (tells Google who you are and where you are located using a certain approved standard)
  • Important Directories Listings (getting properly listed with Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and others)
  • Citations Listings (50 most important, +350 specialized online citation sites that mention your most important details such as Biz Name, Address, Phone, Biz Type/Services Offered, keywords and descriptions – all this allows Google to distinguish and relate your Google Business Listing in Google Local Results (3-pack) and push it to the top, and not your competition)
  • Online Reputation Setup and Management (taking care of existing reviews, allowing and encouraging your customers to leave you a review).
  • Social Media Setup (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare accounts creation)


The third service that we proudly offer and excel in is Oganic SEO. Ranking in organic results is still very important as at least 1/3 of all traffic to your site comes via Organic Search Results (yes, those that show 10 per Google page). Since you cannot target all of your keywords/terms in the Local 3-pack because Google is very specific about that, the organic search results optimization allows you to still be visible with the desired keyword terms on the first page of Google without paying for Google PPC. For example, a term such as Dermatologist in Sarasota is a local keyword term that will trigger the 3-pack results to appear. However, a term such as fat reduction in Sarasota will not trigger the 3-pack results because Google doesn’t not see it as an important local term. In short, Google likes to show search results for terms that describe a local business in its local 3-pack, while the rest of terms that don’t describe a business (i.e. a product or service offered by businesses) are shown in the Organic Search Results. This is why it’s important to utilize this Google feature for your benefit and rank up your business in the organic search results! In order to achieve these goals we do the following:

  • Optimize your content, all existing pages, blog posts and images, optimize the content structure
  • Optimize your existing site for size, speed and error-free state
  • Check your existing back-link profile and disavow low quality back-links that may be hurting your rankings. Ask Google to re-evaluate your site
  • Create quality back-links that will benefit your rankings
  • Perform various onsite and offsite optimization updates to allow Google to see your business more relevant for the “buyer keywords” (such as PRP in New Jersey – See our client Cosmetic Skin & Surgery Center – Ranking #1!)

We are a full done-for-you creative, marketing, development and coding agency providing complete turnkey digital marketing solutions.

Web Design

Use us for your web design needs. We will develop a secure, highly efficient website done for you, with your specs and goals in mind, using proven and trending technology and know-hows.

Local & Organic SEO

Use us for Local and Organic SE optimization to expose your business in Google Local Results (3-pack and Maps) and Organic Search Results

Graphic Design

We have years of experience in designing logos, ads & banners, printed materials and photo editing. You can count on us in your everyday graphic needs!

We Are Uptempo Agency

Just about every web design company is selling websites and not Integrated Marketing Systems. Your business does not need just a well looking online graphic that has pages, text, images and a contact form. What’s needed is a complete marketing tool that will help you not only create a strong online presence and visibility but also capture, nurture and convert the maximum # of leads as possible by leveraging the latest proven marketing tools and strategies. There are 2 main products we offer.


1. Website Design optimized for mobile devices and search engine optimized out of the box with integrated proven lead generation systems that allow easy lead capture and follow up which is a proven way for better convertions.


2. Local SEO and organic search optimization for maximum online visibility and publicity.


We have been servicing organizations, small businesses and physicians worldwide for 12 years. Our expertise will save you 100s of research hours and 1000s dollars of wasted budget by giving you an Integrated Marketing Strategy that is systematically Implemented to give you the maximum profit and growth.


Our team consists of professional online marketers and project directors spending serious time and money testing and proving strategies on 100’s of websites to provide all our clients the latest most powerful and proven productivity systems available anywhere, at any price.

Get to know us

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Meet the Team

Our creative and project management team is led by these three specialists who control a larger team of highly skilled creative, design & development marketing men and women.

Viktor Wills
Marketing & Project Director
Web Art Director
Social Media & SEO Director

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